Welcome to my portfolio. My name is Ramsey. Here are some curated works and projects that I'm involved with. Thanks for visiting!


Orchids to Dusk is a contemplative multiplayer game about death and acceptance. Designed by Pol Clarissou with music from yours truly. Get it here. Heres the trailer: 


GNOG is a game developed by KO-OP and being funded by Sony's PubFund program. It's also receiving support from the legendary studio Double Fine. It's a game about giant monster heads that have intricate puzzles on the inside. I'm the audio director for the project, as well as being in charge of creating all the SFX for the game. GNOG's music and thematic influences stem from playful instruments like toy bongos and xylophones, as well as zen-like soundscapes that lull players into an undirected form of exploratory play. Every GNOG head is like its own unique instrument. Release date expected in  2016. Check out the trailer - which I also composed the music for.


RIGBMX is a game that KO-OP and I developed for Cartoon Network, based off the popular childrens cartoon, Regular Show. All music and SFX by me. Click on the image below to play Crash Curse, which is the sequel, or click here to play the original game, RIGBMX. 


Fishjn' is the product of a game jam where I had to write and compose the game's multi-layered soundtrack in just 3 days. Everyone was really happy with the thumping soundtrack and it received some nice press. Check out the game and music here


An experimental generative music/poetry game. I was in charge of creating the soundscape and the individual notes that the procedural audio system would playback. The project was put on hold but there are plans to release a playable version this year (2016). 


A fast paced competitive sports game made for a game jam. Soundtrack was developed in 3 days along with the game. You can listen to the soundtrack here.